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How long can CIU last?

The correct answer is all of them. CIU is unpredictable and that’s one of the reasons living with it is so challenging.

Urticaria trigger list

If your doctor is still trying to determine what kind of urticaria you have (idiopathic or not), it may be helpful for you to keep a list of anything that you feel may have triggered your hives; e.g., certain foods or food additives, alcohol, medications, or situations such as temperature extremes, tight clothing or emotional stress.

Trigger list

CIU diary

Every day, write down your activities, when and where (on your body) hives occur, and what you ate that day.

Track your CIU symptoms
and treatments

Try keeping a daily record of symptoms and how you treated them to give yourself and your doctor a clear record of how CIU is affecting you on a daily basis.

Symptom &
treatment tracker

“Following your symptoms helps you and your doctor.”

Bring the trigger list and diary with you to your doctor’s appointments.