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What do you know? It's a quick quiz!

You probably have CIU if you have had:

Correct. Hives for over 6 weeks without any trigger.

Sorry, wrong answer. Hives for over 6 weeks without any trigger is a likely sign of CIU.

Chronic Urticaria Quality of Life Questionnaire (CU-Q2oL)

Complete this questionnaire. Your responses will help your doctor assess how your chronic idiopathic urticaria (CIU) is impacting your quality of life. Please select the score that best describes the importance of each of the following items. Remember to bring your completed questionnaire to your next visit.

Patient Name*
Physician Name*
How much have you been troubled by the following symptoms?
Minimum possible score is 1 (not at all), maximum possible score is 5 (very much)1
1 = Not at all
2 = A little
3 = Somewhat
4 = A lot
5 = Very much
1. Pruritus
2. Wheals
3. Eyes swelling
4. Lip swelling
Impact on life activities
5. Urticaria interferes with my work
6. Urticaria interferes with my physical activities
7. Urticaria interferes with my sleep
8. Urticaria interferes with my spare time
9. Urticaria interferes with my social relationships
10. Urticaria interferes with my eating behaviour
Sleep problems
11. Do you have difficulties in falling asleep
12. Do you wake up during the night?
13. Do you feel tired during the day because of your bad night sleep?
14. Do you have difficulties in keeping concentration?
15. Do you feel nervous?
16. Do you feel in a bad mood?
17. Do you have to put some limit in choosing your food?
18. Does urticaria limit your sport activities?
19. Are you troubled by drugs’ side effects?
20. Are you embarrassed due to urticaria symptoms?
21. Are you embarrassed in going to public places?
22. Do you have any problems in using cosmetics?
23. Do you have any limits in choosing clothes material?
Total CU-Q2oL score

Each statement or question is scored on a 5-point scale (1: not at all; 5: very much).

Filling out the quality of life questionnaire and calculating your score will help you and your doctor assess how CIU currently affects your life. Your present score can also be compared to your future score to help detect any changes or improvements in your quality of life or CIU. The 23 items on the CU-Q2oL questionnaire result in a score of 0 to 100, with higher scores indicating worse quality of life.